What Is Numerology?

pythagorasNumerology is about the relationship of numbers and the influence they have on our life. Numbers are vibrations and there have recognizable patterns that identify talents and characteristics based on birth date and birth name.  Pythagoras was a Greek mathematician best known for the Pythagorean Theorem and devised this system of numerology.  To Pythagoras, numbers have personalities.


Numerology has been around for at least 2,500 years and the Pythagorean Number System was created to convert letters to numbers.   He formed the principles of numerology based on the belief that numbers are the foundation of the universe.

We all play a role in the scheme of things in this lifetime and numerology is a useful system for learning to understand your path for your time on Earth.  You have a choice whether you want to live your life on the positive or negative side of your numbers, to take full advantage of your gifts or just drift along not really fulfilling your true potential.  You were sent here for a purpose, learn your numbers and discover the greatest you possible.


Life Path

This is the most significant number in your chart, calculated from your full birthdate.  Allowing this number to develop will aid in you becoming the person you are intended to be.  It is your mission for this lifetime.  If you work at fulfilling this number every day your will find balance and receive many rewards….Learn More



Your Soul number represents your passions and secret desires.  Calculated from the vowels in your birth name it sheds light on your intimate dreams and deepest hopes.  By focusing on these passions you will be able to make decisions and discover opportunities that will lead to deep soul fulfillment….Learn More



Reflecting the impression you make on others, your Personality number is what people initially think about you when you first meet.  It may act as a barrier to keep certain people at a distance, a guard of sorts, until you decide whether to let someone deeper in to your life….Learn More



The course of your life that was bestowed upon you at birth, this number will aid in your evolution. It is a gift that is at your disposal at all times.  Working to understand you Destiny number will enable you to fully develop and grow as a person, it holds much power in this lifetime….Learn More


The Personalities of Numbers

1’s are pioneers, original, leaders.

2’s are cooperative, gentle, and sympathetic.

3’s are self-expressive, ambitious, and witty.

4’s are practical, organized, disciplined.

5’s are active, unconventional, and adventurous.

6’s are devoted, nurturing, understanding.

7’s are reflective, analytical, and solitary.

8’s are persistent, controlled, and influential.

9’s are selfless, humanitarians, compassionate.

11’s are intuitive, inspirational, good counselors.

22’s are problem solvers, master builders, motivators.


Numerology is also associated with horoscopes and astrology. To learn more read about the Numerology Horoscope Readings

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